The First Thirty Days

This hand stitched applique (not a quilt) is created using felt, naga, leather and fabric to create a collage of many of the protests which were occurring during the first thirty days of the Trump administration.

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Full view


Below is a series of details and a brief explanation


Trump a puppet of the Alt-Right  and Neo Nazis represented by Steve Bannon  putting swastika dollars into the Trump policies.



Family life disrupted by the 2008 Recession.



The Bankers gambling with the elements of family life by  manipulating the  sub prime loans on Wall Street.



Families abandoning their dogs and homes after foreclosure by the banks.



The Woman’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.



NO DAPL ended with tanks against tepees.


Think about the implications of the cry “Hands up; don’t shoot. All lives do not matter until Black lives matter.



The courageous tuba player who walked along the sidewalk playing farting sounds as the nazis marched in his town. And the two college students who printed Russian flags with “Trump” and passed them out at a CPAC meeting before the flags were confiscated.



Statue of Liberty weeping at what we have become.



Artist, Christalene Loren, working to complete the tapestry.



Marching in the Woman’s March in Ukiah January 20, 2018


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